Our Team

TSG Equity Partners’ Advisory Services Team represents a diverse group of professionals with extensive investment, advisory and operating experience. 

Thomas R. “Tom” Shepherd – Co-Founder; former Managing Director, Thomas H. Lee Company; current or former Director, 4R Systems, Inc., General Nutrition Companies, Inc., PNC – New England; extensive investment, corporate oversight, and operating experience.

T. Nathanael “Nate” Shepherd – Co-Founder; current Managing Director, BellMark Partners LLC; former Director, Andover.net, Inc., Katahdin Industries, Inc., Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc.; extensive investment, corporate oversight, and business development experience.

S. Donald “Don” McCullough – Operations Partner; current Director, Fusion Optix; former Director, SLI, Inc.; former President and COO, Signature Brands, Inc.; extensive corporate oversight and operating experience.

John Nugent – Operations Partner; current EVP, Entrepreneurial Resources Group; former SVP, CFO and Controller of various divisions of North American Philips Corporation; extensive financial and operating experience.

Elisabeth “Liz” Robert – Operations Partner; current owner and CEO, Terry Precision Cycling; former CEO, Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc.; extensive corporate oversight, financial and operating experience.

Dr. Makarand “Chips” Chipalkatti – Senior Advisor; former Senior Director, OSRAM SYLVANIA; current Senior Advisor, iLumi solutions, inc., Heilux, LLC, Abodez, LLC; extensive corporate and divisional start-up experience.

Alan Frazer – Senior Advisor; Former COO and VP Operations, Nucomm, Inc; former Director of Operations; Director of Supply Chain, iLogistix, Picturetel, Sun Microsystems, Wang; experienced in domestic and international start-ups, outsourcing, consulting.

Jeff Pazak – Senior Advisor; former senior operating roles, Thermo Fisher Scientific, General Electric; extensive operating, financial and supply chain management experience.